Deep Sight - 3D visualisation of bio-materials for design
Clouds Above / Clouds Below
Mapping the Logistics of Building Materials
Imagining your sustainable home
Alternative Guidelines on BR18: The Missing Voices of Disabled People
Actor network and spatial/territorial impact mapping of Danish agri-food landscapes
INTUIT - vIsualiziNg simulaTed sUstaInable consumpTion
Towards Situated Truth
Mapping Urban Density for Sustainable Development in Copenhagen
Wood sustainability: Data visualisation beyond the sensory
Architecture of Airs
Site-specific Environmental and Performance Data Visualization in 2D and 3D
3D Tools
Architectural Design
Big Data
Bio Materials
Building Materials
Circular Economy
Climate Change
Climate Data
Env. Performance
Interdep. Systems
Land Use
Machine Learning
Spatial Planning
Uncertain Data
Urban Development

Welcome to Visualizing Sustainability

A Platform for demonstrating new approaches to and research in data visualization in design and architecture at the Royal Danish Academy. All projects explored new possibilities of data visualization in a context in which increasingly complex and rich data sets are becoming available for public use. Scroll through the list on the left or click on the icons to explore individual projects, you can also click on the hashtag icon on the right to select cross-cutting themes.